As the World Churns

National bestselling author Tamar Myers causes a stampede of trouble!

Magdalena Yoder may be finally married to big-time Manhattan doctor Gabriel Rosen, but she’s still a small-town girl at heart, and thrilled to emcee the first annual Hernia Holstein Competition. Until someone clobbers the contest’s originator and both Gabe and his daughter Alison go missing. Now Magdalena vows to track down clues until the cows—and her family—come home.

"With her sassy wit and odd habits...Magdalena is a delightful main character."
The Champion Newspaper (Decatur, GA)

"Snappy descriptions...humorous shenanigans."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"A hoot. Guaranteed you'll be laughing by the third paragraph."
The Charleston Post and Courier (SC)

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