Butter Safe Than Sorry

Mennonite innkeeper Magdalena Yoder is at the bank with her four-year-old son when three armed Amish men burst in and start shooting and -- more surprisingly -- cursing. When the robbers flee at the sound of police sirens, Jacob wonders why they had mustaches -- unlike all the other Amish men he knows -- Magdalena springs into action to catch the thieves. The may be armed, but they may not be Amish!

"Rollicking suspense."
The Washington Post

"A pinch of acerbity, a scoop of fun, and a pound of originality...a delicious treat"
—Carolyn Hart

"A piquant brew, bubbling over with mystery and mirth. I loved every page of it."
—Dorothy Cannell

"As sweet as a piece of brown-sugar pie...Magdalena is so likable."

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