Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Crime

An Amish Bed and Breakfast Mystery with Recipes - PennDutch Mysteries #2

Magdalena Yoder, chaste and abstemious proprietor of the Pennsylvania Dutch Inn, agrees to let a Hollywood crew film at the inn – for an exorbitant price, of course.

But when the assistant director is found pinned to a barn post with a farming tool, dimwitted local police chief, Marvin Stoltzfus fingers Magdalena as his prime suspect.

Now it’s time for Magdalena to use her extraordinary Amish sleuthing skills to reveal the real killer – before another Hollywood hellion goes belly up and turns Magdalena’s charming PennDutch Inn into a grisly horror flick!

“Magdalena is as amusing as she was in her debut.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Bubbling over with mirth and mystery.”
—Dorothy Cannell

“A delicious treat!”
—Carolyn G. Hart

Now available in audio! Listen to a sample here:

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