Thou Shalt Not Grill

A sizzling new mystery in the national bestselling series

Over a half-million copies of her books in print

In this latest Pennsylvania Dutch mystery, innkeeper Magdalena Yoder takes her cooking and detection skills outdoors to celebrate the bicentennial of Hernia, Pennsylvania. But the festivities are cut short when her guest, Buzzy Porter, is murdered. Soon Magdalena has her hands full trying to keep community spirits high, grill the likely suspects-and smoke out the killer.

"Fans of culinary cozies will welcome Tamar Myers's Thou Shalt Not Grill: A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery with Recipes. The Hernia, Pa., bicentennial barbecue gives Magdalena Yoder, owner of the PennDutch Inn, the chance to share several grilling recipes with readers-and to investigate the murder of an inn guest that baffles the out-to-lunch local police."
Publisher's Weekly

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